Industrial LED Lighting For Lower Costs & Increased Productivity

Nov 16, 2022 | Electrical, Industrial, News


Are you considering industrial LED lighting for your factory or warehouse? You probably should be if you’ve ever

  • suffered the cost and inconvenience of replacing failed bulbs or fittings

  • winced at the electricity bill and need to control outgoings

  • wanted to reduce sickness absence and workplace accidents

  • needed to go greener and cleaner

The highs and lows of industrial LED lighting

You can’t just take domestic lighting and use more of it in industry. Factories and warehouses are unique in their needs and high ceilings, temperatures, humidity and vibration levels are just some of the things you need to think about in your workplace.

LED factory lights can cope with all that. What’s more, they’ll cope for up to 50,000 hours so you won’t have the downtime and cost of frequent replacement that disrupts workflow. It’s no quick job changing a bulb at over 25ft even if production on the floor underneath is halted!

As for the lows, the running costs are rock bottom compared to halogen, metal halide, fluorescent or tungsten. These savings of up to 80% start immediately and make a huge difference to your monthly outgoings. As well as being used at lower watt levels, LEDs use 95% of their energy for light and just 5% for heat so you’re paying less and actually lighting your unit, not warming up the air at roof level.

Better for your people and the planet

Getting the lumens right is one thing but if there’s flicker or glare you won’t have happy staff. Eye strain and headaches have all been reported under bad lighting and impact on staff sickness levels. LEDs come on instantly with no warm up or flicker and they are dimmable for the level you want, where you want it. Employee safety is improved with fewer accidents when people are more alert and can see hazards clearly.

Of course if you’re using fluorescents you also have to think about compliant disposal of old units. LED lights don’t contain mercury so, when you do – eventually – have to replace them, you won’t have to worry about falling foul of any rules.

You may also qualify for a grant that covers up to 40% of the cost of your installation!

So if your people, your workflow, your bottom line and the planet all benefit from LED industrial lighting, what are you waiting for?

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