A Guide To LED Lighting Colour Temperatures For Your Work Space

Oct 13, 2022 | Commercial, Electrical, News

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As well as being a place for productivity, your work space should be a welcoming, inspiring environment. Layout and lighting play a crucial role in your team’s morale!

Too bright and you’ll be signing people off sick with headaches… too dim and your team will be fighting to stay awake!

But we hear that business owners and office managers have reservations about LED lights.

“Aren’t they all glaring white, like the lights in the dentist or McDonalds? We don’t want those …”

Not at all – in fact, there are a few options available, so you can pick the right LED lighting temperature for your space.

A guide to LED lighting temperatures

The brightness of a light is measured in lumens, where as the colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the Kelvin rating, the whiter / more blue a light appears.

Before LEDs became a popular choice, there was only one colour temperature range to choose from – extra warm white at between 2700K and 2800K. Now, there are 3 popular options…

The most popular LED lighting tones

Extra warm white
Extra warm LEDs are the most similar to traditional General Lamp Shape (GLS) and Halogen bulbs. The extra warm temperature, sometimes called soft white by people in the trade, is the closest resemblance to sunlight or candle light. They give off a yellow toned light that creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

Not ideal for reading or high productivity work spaces. This light may be better in break and waiting areas of your commercial property.

Warm white
Clearer in appearance but still warm in colour. Warm white LEDs have become the new norm and are the most popular choice. They provide an effective, clear light without being harsh on the eyes.

This option is popular among offices and schools and sufficiently illuminates rooms without windows for natural light.

Cool White
Cool white has the clearest appearance of all and is 5% brighter than the warm temperatures. It’s popular in commercial premises because of the energy saving benefits.

If used incorrectly, it can make a room appear clinical and cold but, done right, can make a room feel more modern. That’s where an LED expert comes in handy!

Cool white may not be suited to an office environment where people are using screens all day. However, it could be the best option for a factory or industrial setting where sufficient lighting is required to work machinery or handle small products.

Choosing the best LED option…

So, now you know all LEDs aren’t cool white, how do you pick the best one for you?

Generally, warm white is the most popular option but an expert will be able to give you the best advice after visiting your premises.

LED lights are now available in an array of fittings, including:

  • Wall lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Strip lights
  • Counter and Worktop lights
  • and more!

Our experts can find you the best fitting with the right colour, style and finish to fit your budget.

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