Five Ways LED Office Lighting Will Brighten Your Horizon!

Nov 9, 2022 | News, Electrical, LED Lighting

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On the fence about LED lighting for your office? Here’s 5 ways LED lights will brighten your horizon:

1 – Slash your spending on electricity

Did you realise you could save up to 80% of the running costs for your office lighting?

For the equivalent of a 60w incandescent light, you only need a 6-8 watt LED!

During a 25,000 hour period, older style bulbs will need replacing and use 1500KWh of electricity. Over the same period, a single LED will still be going strong and use only 212.5KWh over the same period.

WIN! A boost to your bottom line, month after month!

2 – Dramatically lower maintenance costs

Take a look at these Average Rated Life figures:


750-2,000 hours


10,000-24,000 hours
Fluorescent 24,000-36,000 hours

Compact Fluorescent


2,000-4,000 hours


8,000-10,000 hours


10,000-20,000 hours


40,000-50,000 hours

To put that into context, 50,000 hours is nearly 6 years of life for an LED!

Imagine the time and money you’ll save when employees aren’t climbing ladders to replace broken bulbs! Not to mention the stand-still-time for other employees until the lights are back on. The next best will only last 4 years and costs more in compliant disposal due to the mercury.

3 – Happier, healthier staff

Natural daylight is ideal… but it’s not always accessible. Whether it’s good old English weather or large spaces with limited windows, offices need brightening!

Getting it wrong can be more than inconvenient. Bad lighting can cause headaches and eye problems which may lead to sick leave and accidents. Staff working with screens especially need good, non-flickering light and minimal glare.

Studies have also shown that good office lighting improves mood, productivity and sleep patterns in the workforce. Happy, healthy employees bring their best selves to your business and can be your biggest asset.

4 – Lower your carbon footprint

Every responsible business should be aiming for carbon neutral operation and LED office lighting is a great way to lower your footprint and raise your eco-cred. As well as using considerably less power, LEDs are free of mercury and don’t need specialist disposal.

It’s one of the quickest, easiest ways to help save the planet while saving money. You could even get a grant towards the cost of installation!

5 – LED light installation is quick and fuss free

Trust Blake’s with your LED light installation for minimal disruption and maximum benefits. Friendly and professional, we never use sub-contractors so our exceptional service is guaranteed. All our work is insurance backed by the NICEIC.

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