Could Your Dodgy Wiring Be An Electrical House Fire Waiting To Happen?

Nov 2, 2022 | Electrical, News

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When was the last time you had a professional round to check the quality of your wiring and electricals? If the answer is “Never” then pay close attention to the following cautionary tale.

Our job as certified electrical contractors isn’t to fearmonger but to educate you about why picking the right installer is so important. Wiring and electricals aren’t usually something you pay much attention to until there’s a problem…

Note to self: wires shouldn’t turn to dust

One of our electrician’s neighbours asked if someone could pop by to inspect their fuse board, which had been fitted in the 50s. Some appliances had been acting up and the fuse would blow frequently.

Upon inspection, we identified that the wiring was in critical condition. The wires that are usually coated in plastic were worn down to the copper itself! For anyone with minimal electrical knowledge, just know this – that’s bad. Very bad.

In fact, as our electrician was touching the old copper wires to get a closer look, they disintegrated, crumbling to the ground through his fingers! It doesn’t take a professional to realise something’s seriously not right there…

Seriously dodgy wires and what might have been

The 50s fuse box simply couldn’t cope. It was installed during a time where homeowners had fewer electrical demands and industry standards weren’t so high! These days, your fuse box has to be able to cope with a LOT more.

It was worn to the bone and posed a serious risk of fire. This homeowner was lucky and did the right thing by asking a professional for a condition report before the worst happened.

What’s an electrical condition report?

Businesses and schools are required by law to have their electrics tested for Health & Safety purposes. Although homeowners don’t have the same requirements, it is still highly recommended!

You may be thinking “but why would I need to do that… I’ve never had a problem.”. Think about it this way…

Schools and businesses may also not experience problems, but they are required to arrange tests to ensure everything is in working order and risks are minimised. Otherwise, someone could get seriously injured by electrocution or as a result as a fire from faulty electrical works.

No one prompts homeowners to do this, which is quite shocking actually! If you’ll pardon the pun…

According to Electrical Safety First, over half of accidental domestic fires in the UK are caused by electricity every year.  Most of these are caused by electrical products, either through misuse or faults.

Prevent an accidental electrical house fire with a condition report

Blake Contractors are NICEIC certified and can offer you a comprehensive electrical report for peace of mind, highlighting areas of concern before they become dangerous.

For peace of mind and a safe family home, get in touch with us today to book your electrical condition report.

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