Choosing The Right Contractor After Your School Fire Risk Assessment

Sep 28, 2022 | Electrical, News, Schools

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The Responsible Person is required to conduct or arrange a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) every 5 years. Or sooner if a risk becomes apparent.

Electrical works may be required as a result of your FRA. But who do you choose for the job?

Schools have a very small budget at the moment. And it is already being spread thin. But, don’t be tempted by the cheapest option until you have the facts.

A recap of what’s on the line…

The Responsible Person is required to ensure all works in the school are carried out by competent workers, to British Standards and regulations.

But how do you know who to trust when everyone says they are fit for the job? Make the wrong choice and your school could be liable for fines. And, in extreme cases, people can go to prison!

3 things accredited contractors give you that cheaper options can’t

A quote from accredited electrical contractors will be higher than one from a non-accredited one-man band. Although the cheaper quote may look more appealing at first, consider:

  • Will your supplier be subject to a higher authority like an industry regulator?
  • Can you be sure that any work will be done to industry standards and legislation?
  • Are quality parts and the right tools being used to mitigate Health & Safety risks?
  • Can your supplier provide you with the paperwork that proves your school is compliant with the law?

With an NICEIC approved contractor, the Responsible Person can fulfil on the required duty of care. You can:

Following up on your school Fire Risk Assessment the RIGHT way

Your FRA is a means to an end but not an end in itself. It’s up to the Responsible Person to address any electrical risks flagged up by the assessor.

But, choosing an electrical contractor on price alone could end up costing more in the long run! If the works aren’t satisfactory or don’t comply with the law, you will have to fork out even more to get the professionals in to fix the botched job.

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