Why should i trust building contractors instead of trying DIY?

May 31, 2017 | Building, News

This is a guide produced by the experts at Blake contractors Ltd and is to help you understand why DIY is not necessarily the best form of action when faced with jobs around the home, but instead to enlist the help of qualified experts in that field who’s job it is on a daily basis to deal with these issues.

Why shouldn’t i do DIY?

This is a common question that many people ask themselves on a regular basis and most come up with the answer ‘Well, how hard can it be?’ Especially when all you seem to hear from people is nightmare stories about cowboy builders ripping people off so surely doing a bit of DIY must be the best way to go!

This is not only a common Question and answer but a common mistake. For so many reasons we at Blake Contractors Ltd disagree with this theory. DIY is NOT the way to go for almost all jobs where someone is qualified in it.

In a recent survey commissioned by thisismoney.co.uk it was revealed that DIY disasters are costing british households on average £138.70 per year which equates to over 3 billion across the UK!!! This survey also reveals that these botched jobs ranged from collapsing shelves to more extreme mishaps – such as falling through a ceiling or being hospitalised with a skin infection after misusing a DIY product.
Full article here

Let’s look at an example

Something seemingly as simple as hanging a mirror on your wall at home. I’m sure most people would see this as a particularly appropriate DIY job. Something seemingly so simple does in fact come with many permutations not least the material you are fixing to. Not all walls are constructed the same way, you have timber and metal stud walls, block walls, concrete walls, dot and dabbed walls but to name a few. If you are fixing to a solid block or brick wall you wouldn’t be able to fix this in the same way you fix to a stud wall, also the difference of fixings for stud walls especially differs depending on the weight you will be hanging. So something that you would assume is a DIY job can still be a mine field, which if done wrong could cause serious injury or damage which in turn then means DIY is a false economy for you!!

So what is the answer?

The only and best advice we can give you would be to contact a company like ourselves who have accreditation’s in construction. If you are unsure of who you can contact in your local area and worried about the potential for cowboy builders, we also have a guide on how to spot and avoid cowboy builders.

Below is a picture of a rotten window frame which we repaired to show why paying for a trades person is your best option!!

st marys window before


st marys window after


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